Our Bean Process

Carmelina Brands® Italian Beans are produced with the same passion and care as Carmelina ‘e…San Marzano® Italian Tomatoes. Our beans are a healthy alternative and shortcut to soaking dry beans overnight. They are perfect for use in sauces, salads, soups, stews, chili and sautés.


Our dry beans are purchased from around the world from resources that echo our commitment to sustainable and fair trade practices, as well as being Non-GMO.


Like our tomato line, our beans are meticulously selected to our specifications, based on variety, coloring, size and wholeness of bean.


What makes our beans unequivocally Italian? It’s in the preserving process. Bean selection, sorting, preserving and packing is all conducted in southern Italy. Once our beans have been selected and sorted, they’re cooked and pasteurized in the can until just al dente, like pasta. This slow cooking process insures the quality of the product, allowing the beans to retain their shape and firmness without the addition of chemicals, like calcium chloride, citric acid or EDTA. No salt is added, producing beans that are low in sodium, a quality that differentiates our beans from any other on shelf.


After pasteurization, our beans undergo an incubation period. In this stage, preserved product is left to finish and gently cool.


Quality testing is an ongoing process. Our beans are evaluated for pH, nitrate levels, and of course, flavor. They are reviewed again for size, shape and firmness after pasteurization. This attention to detail is how we assure our customers that Carmelina Brands Italian Beans offer the cleanest ingredient statement on shelf in the category.