Spanish Rice

Spanish Rice

Spanish Rice

About 4 Cups
2 tablespoons
Olive oil
2 tablespoons
Unsalted butter
1 cup
Yellow onion, finely chopped
1 tablespoon
Garlic, finely chopped
2 cups
Long grain rice
1 quart
Low sodium chicken broth
1, 14.28 oz. can
Carmelina ‘e…San Marzano® Italian Chopped Tomatoes in Puree
2 1/2 teaspoons
Kosher salt
1/2 teaspoon
Black pepper
3/4 cup
Fresh cilantro, chopped

In a medium pot, heat oil and butter over medium-low heat. Add onions and garlic, and sauté for 5 minutes; stirring occasionally. Mix in the rice and let it toast for a minute; stir occasionally.  Add in the chicken broth, Carmelina ‘e…San Marzano® Italian Chopped Tomatoes in Puree, salt and pepper. Stir to combine all ingredients. Bring broth to a boil, reduce to a simmer and then cover pot. Let rice simmer on low heat for 20 minutes until liquid is completely absorbed and rice is cooked through; stirring occasionally. Remove pot from heat and let rice stand for 5 minutes. Add cilantro to rice, fluff with fork and serve.  Great accompaniment to grilled chicken, carne asada or carnitas.


* Recipe created by Chef Giacomo Pagano on behalf of Mangia, Inc. ™


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