Carmelina Cares, a Recovery Stimulus Program to Assist Our Food Service Partners

With everything going on right now, we want you to know we got you and we’re here to help. To assist our foodservice partners, Mangia, Inc. has pledged to continue its support of the industry with Carmelina Cares, a recovery stimulus package.

Who Can Take Part in Carmelina Cares?

ALL Food Service Operators! Whether you’re a current or new customer, or just considering Carmelina.

Is Carmelina Cares for You?

Absolutely! Participation is easy. Simply purchase any of the select items and you’re eligible to receive our stimulus savings. Still unsure? We’ll get you samples and walk you through the program. Email info@mangiainc.com for more information.

How Can You Take Advantage of this Stimulus Program?

This is an off-invoice program. Reach out to your distributor, or contact Mangia, Inc. and we’ll assist in getting you started with Carmelina Cares.

When Can You Participate?

NOW! Carmelina Cares Recovery Stimulus Program will continue through February 15, 2021.

Why Did We Create Carmelina Cares?

We care about our food industry partners and have been fortunate to be able to hold and not raise foodservice pricing this year. This is our program to help lift each other up and give back.

For More Information Email: info@mangiainc.com

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