Mangia, Inc. Launches Innovative Chick Pea Puree in Response to Growing Market Demand for Legumes

The global demand for legumes is skyrocketing. The desire for healthier food options lower in sodium and cholesterol, and high in protein and good fats, is steadily on the rise. For this reason, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines are gaining popularity throughout the world. The legume riding high on this food trend is the chick pea, or garbanzo, well known for the creamy, richness it adds to hummus.

Seizing on this growing market, Mangia, Inc. is excited to introduce an innovative and revolutionary new product to its legume line – Introducing Carmelina Brands® Chick Pea Puree!

Like Mangia’s complete product line, Carmelina Brands® Chick Pea Puree is all-natural, preservative-free with no added salt, sugars, citric acid, calcium chloride, or EDTA. Simply chick peas!  It’s also Non-GMO Project Verified, OU Kosher, gluten-free, and packed in a triple barrier, BPA-Free aseptic bag.

Carmelina Brands® Chick Pea Puree is extremely versatile and easy to use. Simply open the pouch, season, flash blend to desired consistency, and go. The Carmelina Difference® saves you on time, labor and energy costs.  No need to wash or soak chick peas overnight, or cook, drain, and pulse them for an extended time.  Carmelina Brands® Chick Pea Puree is the perfect base for hummus, soups, sandwich spreads, vegetarian burgers, protein bars, confections, baked goods, and more. The possibilities are endless!