Meet Chef Peyton Pritikin

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Peyton Pritikin of PritiEats, is a Chicago-based classically trained chef who believes that the preparation of great food should be inspired and feel effortless. Through PritiEats, she breaks down recipes that some might feel to be intimidating or unfamiliar and makes them approachable through digestible techniques.

Peyton’s passion for cooking began at home. Her Nana immigrated to the U.S. from Italy and brought with her an abundance of family recipes that are in regular rotation in her kitchen. Her mom also passed down her passion for food and timeless culinary skills learned while living in France with Julia Child as her apprentice.

Over multiple trips spanning three months, Peyton studied Indian cooking and cuisine from Delhi south to Kerala cooking in both private homes and with esteemed chefs. This trip is what fueled her desire to pursue a formal culinary education and in 2015, she enrolled at The Culinary School of Kendall College in Chicago in concert with her MBA at Loyola University.

Peyton is an ACF Certified Chef and a recipient of the WSET Level II Award in Wines and Spirits. She has been featured in Chicago Magazine and Plate Magazine.

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